Mail Order Cookies

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Here at Mamalou Bakeshop we’ve been thinking we should spread some cookie goodness far and wide with a new Mail Order Cookie option. So, even if you don’t live in the beautiful small city with a big heart that is Corvallis, Oregon (which you totally should, BTW), you can still indulge and enjoy our perfectly soft, yet crisp Chocolate Chip Cookie or our camping nostalgia inspired S’mores Cookies or your Grandma’s favorite for sure, the Jam Thumbprint. Whatever cookie you choose from Mamalou Bakeshop you will thank you. Or, if you give it as a gift (which would be so thoughtful!), they will thank you.

Does getting fresh, baked to order cookies delivered to your doorstep sound like something you would be totally into? Yeah, me too.

We’re still in the Research and Development stage over here, but you can let us know you’re interested AND get first dibs when we launch, but filling out the form below.